BioHazard Waste

BioHazard Waste

Bio hazard and medical waste is an ever increasing problem with strict regulations in place for collection, handling and remediation. Medical wastes include some of the following:

1. Surgical gloves
2. Discarded Sharps, (needles used for shots or to draw blood)
3. Culture dishes and / or other medical glassware
4. Cultures, stocks, swabs or plastics
5. Flesh & Body organs (e.g., tonsils, appendices, limbs, embryos)
6. Bandages with blood & bio- fluids
7. Discarded surgical instruments and lancets

Many hazardous waste streams contain high energy value. Incineration and gasification are two options in the remediation of hazardous waste streams including biohazard and medical.

Bio hazard and medical waste disposal should strictly adhere to all EPA, DOT and OSHA Hazardous and Bio-Hazardous Waste guidelines. Protecting human health and the environment is the main goal handling hazardous materials properly.

We represent many manufacturers of many processes and are proud to present some of the most modern technologies for the remediation of hazardous materials.

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