Tire Tyre Waste

Tire (Tyre) Waste

Regarding tires (tyres), plastics and rubber waste…

The Kiln& Pyrolysis process is tried and proven, producing useful gases, oils, carbon black and scrap metals, however this older technology is slowly being phased out and is being replaced with more environmentally friendly processes such as gasfications and microwave distillation or molecular dissociation.

Shredded tire chunks are often used as a coal substitute for heat energy, particularly at cement factories where the ash residue can be used in the concrete formulation process.
Exhaust emissions in this scenario are an issue and a point of contention, difficult to clean and expensive to deal with.

The useful hydro-carbon energy stored in tires (tyres), plastics and rubber is much more useful and cost effective when extracted with the microwave process. Secondly, and more importantly there are no exhaust issues to deal with when using rubber and plastic waste steams.

The systems we recommend also produce useful synthesized diesel oil and combustible gases that we can used not only as a commodity, but as a fuel to power the entire process. Carbon Black is the end byproduct and is a valuable raw material used to make new tires and other products.

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Tire Tyre Waste Solution

Tire Tyre Waste Solution

Tire Tyre Waste Solution