We represent a wide variety of new & used industrial machinery & equipment. Our Products and Equipment are a representation of many Manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

  • Trucks and hauling equipment
  • Heavy equipment. front-end loaders, bulldozers, forklifts
  • Conveyor belts, shredders and separators, tumblers
  • Boilers, Combustion chambers, drying ovens, Kilns, burners and blowers
  • Gas separators, gas dryers, condensers, distillation equipment
  • Storage tanks, vats, pipelines, pipe fittings
  • Steam turbines, gas turbines, jet turbines
  • Steam recovery equipment, Heat exchangers, cooling systems
  • Diesel motors, gas motors, gas intake converters
  • Exhaust scrubbers, bag house filters, exhaust stack towers
  • 60 Hz generators & motors, 50 Hz generators & motors
  • Transformers, voltage controllers, voltage and amp meters
  • All types of monitoring, alarm, and safety equipment
  • Power line poles, power transmission lines, grid tie in equipment
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