Waste to Energy

The waste to energy industries have been evolving for nearly 100 years. New technologies in energy from waste fields have progressed dramatically for the past 5 to 8 years.

Here at WasteToEnergies.com we are structured to provide consulting, design and construction of Waste to Energy facilities. Our services includes building turn key facilities built from the ground up, or modifying existing facilities for growth and expansion.

New "Waste to Energy" facilities employ methods of utilizing and remediating common waste feedstocks in such a manner as to create fuels, charcoal briquettes and steam energy to create electricity.

Method one, is incineration to boil water to power steam turbines, then the exhaust is cooled, filtered and cleaned to EPA standards.

Method two, utilizes new technologies for gasification. Gasification is a method of Molecular Dissociation that breaks molecular bonds of waste products in a near zero Oxygen atmosphere. Gasification extracts gases and oils from waste feedstocks while reducing waste materials in mass and weight.

We represent a very valuable solution to a very large problem, i.e.

  1. Excessive amounts household municipal solid waste, (MSW).
  2. Ever increasing amounts of bio hazard and medical waste.
  3. Large amounts of industrial and hazardous chemical waste.
  4. An endless supply of raw sewage waste and waste water.
  5. Mountains of manure, farm animal and poultry waste.
  6. A never ending supply of bio-mass from corn stalks, sugarcane bagasse, wheat, grasses, leafs, yard waste and other forms of bio-mass.
  7. World wide mountains of hydrocarbon rich tire waste. Tires are more energy rich than coal and can produce large amounts diesel grade oil, methane and hydrogen.

As Equipment brokers, we provide the most attractive equipment pricing for new, used and refurbished equipment through out the world.

As construction and design contractors, we design facilities to be modular for future add-ons and we also provide add-on expansion design and implementation for existing facilities.

As a "Waste to Energy" consulting and design firm, we can help you solve many waste surplus problems while helping provide clean renewable energy solutions. Please contact us for solutions.

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